HiFi Design Institute

Our insights and experience in this field can enrich your Fashion and Interior career and open up avenues you never imagined before.

Founded in 1995, HiFi Design Institute is devoted to a single purpose: providing a professional education in interior & Fashion design. It’s more than simply developing outstanding creative and technical skills. We teach how to think and design critically, globally and sustainably.

At HiFi Design Institute we believe in providing high quality education. We value our student’s creativity. Students here not just study, they interacts, exchanges and share experiences with our best faculties. With each class they add something to their personal growth. They not just learn but also understand how to work with clients, to document process, to make presentations to clients etc. They are taught to develop a good work ethic.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree

  • Idea & Concept

  • Design & Create

  • Build & Install


  • I find it really comfortable to Work with faculties. I had Done Diploma in Civil but still they helped me clear my base which was very much required for manual Drawing. Class rooms were Spacious. He uses to coach us individually. He was very much updated with latest Technologies and materials that can be used in designing. That helped us keeping our self-updated. At one point we designed plan and interior for our own institute.

    Mrugesh Rami
  • When I joined institute I was a B.Com student. After completion I didn’t know which field to choose as a career option. AT that time my own house was under renovation so I gave it a thought and planed to do interior designing. I searched online and came across hifi design institute, and I joined. I think it was the best decision ever. Drawing has always been my passion but faculty here helped me give direction to my passion. Also regular site visits and continues AutoCAD practice helped me to sharp my skills more.

    Anita Luhar

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