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HiFi Design Institute is the best fashion design institute in Ahmedabad for the individuals who love to express their creative self or wants to learn the details of the design process. Our approach goes beyond formal educating as we concentrate on the essentials of consolidating all the vital tools that help a student develop free thinking and impactful execution.

Fashion Design Course Content & Duration

Introduction of Fashion Designing

Basic of Figure Sketching

Fashion Terminology Scope

Color Theory & Clothing

Concepts of fashion

Indian them base Fabric prints, Textures & Constructions

Embroidery with Patterns

Market Base Indian & Western concepts

How to design and explored in market

Manufacturing Units Visits

Dying & Printing

Portfolio Making

Design & Costing


Computer Aided Design

Courses Duration
Basic Fashion Design 6 Months
Advance Fashion Design 12 Months
Diploma in Fashion Design 24 Months
Digital illustration with Pattern Making 24 Months
B.Sc. in Fashion Design 3 Years
M.Sc. in Fashion Design 2 Years

If your dream is to fetch the soaring heights of the Fashion Designing Industry then this promising course of Fashion Design can embed the foundation to fulfil your dreams. Your first step always plays a decisive role in making of your future and this course would only guide you to learn the knowledge and skills required to ace this challenging journey.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion attributes to the dynamic standards and interests of the world. Being fashionable is synonymous to being in trend. Fashion isn’t only a way to dress but a way to live life. Be it lifestyle, be it clothing, be it accessories, be it fitness proportions these all aspects of life can be groomed by different shades of fashion. As far as Fashion design is concerned as the subject, it’s the art and stream that deals with instilling life in a material with the innovation, ideas and techniques from both classic and modern world.

Design Pattern Making

Draping plays a vital role in fashion design. When the structure of a material is developed by pinning or attaching an additional fabric to beautify it, that is called as Draping. It not only adds elegance and grace to a dress but fills a spirit into it.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery attributes to the adornment of a textile material with the use of needle and thread or yarn. It may also incorporates beads, quills, sequins and pearls to add on the lustrous beauty to the material. Hand embroidery has been the conventional way to make a material look lively and more beautiful. Embracing the Indian tradition there are some of the classic hand embroideries that steal the attention across the world. A gift of our culture some of the most famous hand embroideries are Chikan, Zardosi and Phulkari.

Fabric Knowledge
Fabric Painting
Art & Craft

The skill of ‘Art and Craft’ is the ‘soul’ of Fashion Design. Innovation and creativity breathe life into a fashion designer, where the imagination originates i.e. ‘ In the mind of a designer’. Without imagination the world couldn’t be dolled up with trendy and stylish adornments. Hence, skills dealing with Art and Craft are mandatory to become a deft Fashion Designer.


Exhibition is important as it provides the opportunity to budding designers helping them to showcase their talent in the best frames. It helps designers to gain the confidence and interact with the requirements of the outside world. This is the first step where their imagination is put before the world drawing the foundation of their bright careers.

Industries Visit
Fashion Show
Designer Accessories
Diploma In Fashion Design In Ahmedabad

We have the team of best faculties for our students to learn under the expertise of our professionals. We offer diploma courses for fashion design in University Road, Ahmedabad. With our best faculty members our students can enhance their creativity, artistic and professional skills to improve their future employment options. We also offer you Diploma course for interior design in ahmedabad.

At HiFi Design Institute, the best institute for the diploma in fashion design in University Road, Ahmedabad. Where our students also get a chance to develop their own fashion collections under the guidance of our renowned and professional faculty members of fashion design. We also give opportunities to our students to gain first hand insight into the world of fashion.

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