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The Art Of Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery attributes to the adornment of a textile material with the use of needle and thread or yarn. It may also incorporates beads, quills, sequins and pearls to add on the lustrous beauty to the material. Hand embroidery has been the conventional way to make a material look lively and more beautiful. Embracing the Indian tradition there are some of the classic hand embroideries that steal the attention across the world. A gift of our culture some of the most famous hand embroideries are Chikan, Zardosi and Phulkari.

Besides an embellishment, hand embroidery describes the type, a material is mold into. There are basically three types of stitches namely Satin stitch, Walking stitch and Fill stitch that create different embroidered looks on the fabric. Satin stitch or the Damask stitch is the most commonly used stitch with shiny look majorly used to highlight larger designs. Walking stitch or Running stitch gives a look resembling long dashes. Fill stitches are used to fill big design areas to create solid shapes. These basic types of stitches can give a visual delight even when done in the simplest form.

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