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What Is Draping ?

Draping plays a vital role in fashion design. When the structure of a material is developed by pinning or attaching an additional fabric to beautify it, that is called as Draping. It not only adds elegance and grace to a dress but fills a spirit into it.

Generally fashion designers use ‘Muslin’, (for it’s inexpensive and common) to drape the attire and manipulates the dress to bring out the best. Other fabrics which are used to drape are Satin, Silk, Chiffon, Georgette and Lycra. These fabrics are soft hence easy to cut and handle, they give an elegant and smooth fall to a dress. There are various types Draping can be through, namely tucks, gathers, ruching and pleats. A fashion designer must ace the fitting, fall and fullness aspects to attain a successful draping.

Draping is a technique that saves much of a designer’s time and is now considered one of the main subjects of fashion design course. Modification of a garment can be made easier and quicker when this art is ace by a designer efficiently.

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