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What Is Fashion? / Fashion Illustration

Fashion attributes to the dynamic standards and interests of the world. Being fashionable is synonymous to being in trend. Fashion isn’t only a way to dress but a way to live life. Be it lifestyle, be it clothing, be it accessories, be it fitness proportions these all aspects of life can be groomed by different shades of fashion. As far as Fashion design is concerned as the subject, it’s the art and stream that deals with instilling life in a material with the innovation, ideas and techniques from both classic and modern world.

Fashion trend follows different aspects of life to draw the inspiration to form new attires and dresses accordingly.  For instance, summers welcome the florals in style but winters beautify the woolens to take up the space. Colors, prints, textures and patterns vary time to time with seasons, occasions and festivals to celebrate this beauty of clothes, designing and style. Some colors and patterns rule the world of fashion always, for example the color Black which never looses its title for being the most beloved color.

Its Importance:

Fashion Design is very important for the admirers of fashion. The way we dress is the way we want our personalities to reflect upon. A perfect outfit can utter a lot about one’s personality. The colors it is filled with, the material it is made with, substantially form the part of an art which only a fashion designer can perform with zeal.

Fashion is a way to design life with the pace of time. Explore the different shades of Fashion with us to conquer this wonderful art of designers!

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