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If your dream is to fetch the soaring heights of the Fashion Designing Industry then this promising course of Fashion Design can embed the foundation to fulfil your dreams.

Design Workshop

The skill of ‘Art and Craft’ is the ‘soul’ of Fashion Design. Innovation and creativity breathe life into a fashion designer, where the imagination originates i.e. ‘ In the mind of a designer’.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion attributes to the dynamic standards and interests of the world. Being fashionable is synonymous to being in trend. Fashion isn’t only a way to dress but a way to live life.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery attributes to the adornment of a textile material with the use of needle and thread or yarn.


Exhibition is important as it provides the opportunity to budding designers helping them to showcase their talent in the best frames.


Draping plays a vital role in fashion design. When the structure of a material is developed by pinning or attaching an additional fabric to beautify it, that is called as Draping.

Value Propositions
  • Annual Exhibitions / Annual Fashion Shows.
  • Industry Visits / Site Visits.
  • Professional practice & personalize training.
  • Industrial placements.
  • Emphasis on practical training.
  • Expert faculty drawn from the professional field.
  • Business training
  • Marketing knowledge

Popular Courses

About Us

Our Insights And Experience In This Field Can Enrich Your Fashion And Interior Career And Open Up Avenues You Never Imagined Before.

HiFi Design Institute was established in 2015 to uplift and pillar the fascination of students who desire to soar high in the field of fashion and interior designing. We are ambitious about enhancing one’s innovative skills, with embedment of sustainable ideas. Our Institute provides the ladder of success to our students, which nurtures them with every step they take forward, leading them to a gateway where their dreams start to bloom into reality.

Affiliation & Accreditation


January 7 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Rasraj Jackpot Party Plot, 3M2M+53G, Sardar Patel Ring Rd, New India Colony, Nikol,
August 19, 2022 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
315, Plam Arcade, Nr. Shukan Cross Road, Opp. Chankya Vidhya Sankul, New Nikol
December 25, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
315, Plam Arcade, Nr. Shukan Cross Road, Opp. Chankya Vidhya Sankul, New Nikol

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